No Box for Me. An Intersex Story

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Floriane Devigne | Ranska 2018 | 58 min | Ikäraja 12 | Dokumentti

M and Deborah, like an estimated 1.7 percent of people, were born Intersex – with sex characteristics that are different from the binary understandings of male or female. Sometimes these differing characteristics may not be apparent at birth, and other variations may not be apparent until puberty. Like many, M and Deborah were forced into unnecessary medically surgeries to “normalize” their body as a child—before they could understand what was going on. The film reflects on the way intersex people seek to reappropriate their bodies and construct their identities.


Kieli: ranska | englanninkielinen tekstitys

Language: French | English subtitles


Turku 1.11. klo 19.00 TuSetan olohuone

Helsinki 15.11. klo 19.00 Kallion kirjaston Kupolisali

Director Floriane Devigne