Vinokino organizes free film screenings during Pride events under the name of Pridekino

This year´s programme is called Flare Films


It is a selection of short films from the UK that have all been shown at BFI Flare, London’s LGBT Film Festival.


The programme includes drama and documentary, poetry and dance. The films explore and celebrate a range of LGBT experience, but essentially, they are about finding out – and standing up for – who you are.


90 min | Age limit: 12


We Love Moses (Dionne Edwards | UK 2016 | 16 min)

I Am A Woman (Kai Fiáin and Azara Meghie | UK 2016 | 4 min)

Crush (Rosie Westhoff | UK 2016 | 8 min)

Strings (Richard Turley | UK 2014 | 13 min)

Take your Partners (Siri Rødnes | UK 2014 | 14 min)

Jamie (Christopher Manning | UK 2016 | 9 min)

Where Are We Now (Lucie Rachel | UK 2016 | 9 min)

Chance (Jake Graf | UK 2015 | 17 min)


All films are in English




Helsinki 25.6. klo 19.00 Maijansali, Oodi


Capacity: 184 seats

Accessible venue (more info here)


Raisio 20.8. klo 18.00 Martinsali, Raision kirjasto


Capacity: 250 seats


Jyväskylä 20.8. klo 18.00 The Local Culture Hostel & Café

Collaboration with Jyväskylä Pride and Arktisen Upeeta Festival



Turku 23.8. n. 23.00 Brinkkalan piha

Part of Turku Pride Pre-Party



In collaboration with British Council