The Spark: the Origins of Pride

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Benoît Masocco | Ranska 2019 | 98 min | Ikäraja 12 | Dokumentti

Sateenkaarihistoriaa 60-luvulta nykypäiviin

This is a story of anger. That of the customers of the “Stonewall inn”, in a gay bar in New-York. It’s 1969 and they don’t have the right to stand in the street or even dance. One more police raid. A revolt. Several days of riots. This is our starting point to tell an almost unknown story: fifty years of struggle for equality, for humanity, for love… the history of the LGBTQ+ struggle.


This is a story of three cities. This story will be told through the perspective of three iconic neighborhoods: the Castro in San Francisco, Le Marais in Paris and Greenwich Village in New York. Each of these neighborhoods tell of a specific moment: the repression in the 60s and 70s, the appearance of AIDS in the 80s, the phenomenon of fashion with the appearance of gay marketing and drag-queens in the 90s, the struggle for marriage equality and normalization from the 2000s.


Kieli: englanti ja ranska | ranskankieliset osuudet tekstitetty englanniksi

Language: English and French | French parts subtitled in English


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Helsinki 25.10. klo 19.00 Kallion kirjaston Kupolisali

Director Benoît Masocco