About us

What is Vinokino

Vinokino is the only film festival in Finland that exclusively showcases films telling the stories of sexual and gender minorities. The selected films in the program cover a wide range of topics related to sexual orientation and gender diversity.

The program consists of short film compilations, documentaries, and feature films from different countries. We aim to include films of various genres, encompassing both comedy and drama, all while maintaining a high standard of quality. Not all of our films may be easy to watch, as we consider it also important to bring forth current and challenging issues.

Vinokino is organized by Turun seudun Seta ry (TuSeta), a non-profit LGBTQ+ rights organization. The purpose of the association is to reduce the inequality caused by attitudes and norms related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

TuSeta receives operational support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Youth Committee of the City of Turku for organizing the festival. Supporters, partners, and volunteers are essential for the successful execution of this non-profit festival.

Our History

In 1991, Turun seudun Seta ry celebrated its 20th anniversary by organizing several cultural events, which gave rise to the idea of hosting a lesbian and gay film event in Turku. A year later, in April 1992, the first film event organized by TuSeta was held, now known as the Vinokino Film Festival.

Over the years, the festival has become increasingly professional, firmly establishing itself among Finnish film festivals. With a high number and quality of LGBTQ+ films, the festival continues to attract an ever-growing audience of film enthusiasts.

You can read more about Vinokino’s history here: Erkki LietzĂ©n: 25 years of Vinokino.
(Unfortunately only in Finnish at the moment.)