The Dream Songs

Friday 17.11. at 19.00
Korjaamo Kino

Friday 27.10. at 19.00
Kino Diana

Director: Hyun-Chul Cho
Duration: 118 min.
Korea 2022
Genre: drama

Language: Korean

Subtitles: Finnish, English

“I woke up from a dream and I was you.”

On the day before the school trip, Sam (Park Hye-su) dreams an ominous dream of her best friend Ha-eun (Kim Si-eun) dying. Filled with fear, Sam runs to Ha-eun, who’s in the hospital because of a recent bicycle accident, and asks her to come for the school trip with her.

The two girls decide to sell Ha-eun’s camcorder to make money for the trip. On their way to sell the camcorder, Sam realizes her deepest concern that Ha-eun might not feel the same as how she feels about Ha-eun. She shows jealousy towards people around Ha-eun and it eventually tires her. After a big fight, Ha-eun disappears and Sam wanders around looking for her.