Fake (short film compilation)

Saturday 18.11. at 17.00
Kino K13

Saturday 28.10. at 17.00
Kino Diana

Director: several
Duration: 94 min.
Genre: compilation

Language: several

Subtitles: Finnish, English

Woman Meets Girl, 17 min.
Over a vodka-fueled game of Never Have I Ever, a 40-something-virgin woman explores a deeper connection with the 18 year old call girl she’s invited into her life.

Queer Futures – series (How to Carry Water, The Script, MnM):
How to Carry Water, 15 min.
This punk rock fairytale doubles as a portrait of Shoog McDaniel — a fat, queer, and disabled photographer working in and around northern Florida’s vast network of freshwater springs, the state’s source of precious drinking water. For over a decade, Shoog’s photographs have transformed the way fat people view themselves and how a fat phobic society views fat bodies.

The Script, 14 min.
Blending personal interviews with dramatized genre recreations, The Script explores the complicated relationship between trans and nonbinary communities and medical providers regarding gender-affirming care.

MnM, 14 min.
MnM is an exuberant portrait of chosen sisters Mermaid and Milan, two emerging runway divas in the drag ballroom community.

Fake, 14 min.
A photographer rejects a fake smile from her model. But the girl holds on to it as to her true identity. Tension rises, and secretly, an experience of initiation begins.

Mooncake, 11 min.
A young gender queer person revisits their formative relationships and ruminates on their identity.

Tank Fairy, 9 min.
Once upon a time, the magical Tank Fairy delivered tanks of gas (with plenty of sass) to the home of young Jojo, a lonely dreamer in need of a glittery godmother.