Golden Delicious

Saturday 18.11. at 21.00
Kino K13

Saturday 28.10. at 21.00
Kino Diana

Director: Jason Karman
Duration: 120 min.
Canada 2022
Genre: comedy/drama

Language: English


Everyone wants something from high school senior Jake (Cardi Wong): his father is pushing him to try out for the basketball team – an abandoned dream of his own – and his girlfriend wants to take their relationship to the next level.

But it’s not until Aleks (Chris Carson), an openly gay teen with a love for basketball, moves in across the street that Jake begins to struggle with his own desires. To get closer to Aleks, Jake devotes himself to making the basketball team – only to realize it’s not basketball he really wants. Meanwhile, Jake finds out that his father is having an affair, which leaves him questioning his entire family foundation.

Distraught and confused, Jake pulls away – until he’s finally outed as gay. With the truth in the open, Jake and his father come to terms with the reality of their relationship and expectations for each other. At last able to find the courage to be himself, Jake is ready to face the future with his family and friends by his side.