Friday 17.11. at 17.00
Korjaamo Kino

Sunday 29.10. at 19.00
Kino Diana

Director: Sungbin Byun
Duration: 115 min.
Korea 2022
Genre: drama

Language: Korean

Subtitles: Finnish, English

Peafowl is an exquisitely textured feature about a trans woman saving for surgery and aspiring for success and recognition in South Korea’s Waacking scene who is called back to her hometown after the death of her father. Shin (Choi Haejun) is reluctant and surprised, since she’d been estranged from her father since coming out, but agrees after learning she’s been named in the will, and with enough money to get the gender confirmation surgery she’s long desired.

But there’s a catch: she’ll only get the money if she participates in the traditional — and traditionally-gendered — memorial dance. The decision brings to the surface long-dormant family secrets that may threaten the false peace of the conservative community but are full of beauty among the pain. With its colorful embrace of dance as a medium for liberation and reconciliation, Peafowl is a celebration.