Saturday 18.11. at 19.00
Kino K13

Saturday 28.10. at 19.00
Kino Diana

Director: Shamim Sharif
Duration: 104 min.
Great Britain/Canada 2023
Genre: drama

Language: English


In a fading small town, Lisa (Holly Deveaux) goes to work at a ‘vertical farm’ – the kind of new science that she blames for pushing traditional farms, like her family’s, out of business. Dalia (Maxine Denis) and her successful, Muslim family own this new farm – and they struggle to find a welcoming place in the local community.

Weeks before Dalia’s wedding, a heated encounter between the two young women exposes deep prejudices and results in Lisa losing her job. But it’s only the start of an unexpected connection between two women from the same town, but very different worlds.

As the pair enjoy a growing friendship and attraction, they will have to break the barriers of race, religion and class that keep them apart, or risk settling for the lives their families have laid out for them.