When I Sleep

Friday 17.11. at 21.00
Korjaamo Kino

Saturday 28.10. at 15.00
Kino Diana

Director: Choi Jungmoon
Duration: 115 min.
Korea 2022
Genre: drama

Language: Korean

Subtitles: Finnish, English

Sunah, Jisu, and Bomi are three women whose relationships between each other look very special. Sunah is proud of her cousin Jisu, who grew up well with her relatives due to the sudden death of her parents, and Jisu is grateful to her cousin who took care of her like a real sister. And Jisu and Bomi, who are friends, are close enough to know each other’s secretive things.

These three women go on a road trip together on the anniversary of Jisu’s parents’ death. However, due to a sudden accident, they fall into a conflict. As the conflict deepens, the narrow gap between them widens, and eventually, they see each other as who they really are. When I Sleep depicts how they truly reconcile and come to solidarity by sharing the stories they experienced as women. It also shows that getting to know each other properly is the prerequisite for true solidarity.