Vinokino team 2023

Vinokino is once again organized with the help of enthusiastic volunteers! Below you will find the team members and their respective responsibilities.

You can contact our co-ordinator Hanna about anything related to Vinokino, but if it concerns specifically graphics, IT & Tech, or PR, we’d ask you to contact the relevant person responsible for that area. 

Hanna Tuominen
Supreme overlord and  benevolent dictator, programming, budgets, all the important things, the brain

Samuli Koivisto
Logos, ads, fonts, good taste, the eye

IT & Tech:
Johanna Männistö
Website, screening copies, why-is-my-email-not-working, and all other IT related stupid questions, the hand

Juhani Mehto
Social media, advertising, background music, the voice

Everything else:
Harri Kokko
Transport, catering, people, someone-needs-to-do-this, the harri