The films are screened at Kino Diana (Humalistonkatu 3). You can reserve tickest in advance from the Kino Diana ticket store

Ticket price 9/7* €
*Discounted price in Turku for members of TuSeta and other rainbow organizations, students, the unemployed and pensioners.

The reserved tickets will be paid at the Kino Diana ticket counter. Reserved tickets must be redeemed 10 minutes before the screening at the latest. The reservation will be held until the beginning of the screening, even if there is a line to the counter.

If you are interested in coming as a group, please contact and tell us how large a group you have, so that we can offer you a group discount.

The subtitling information is given at each film’s synopsis page, we will update the information if more Finnish subtitles are completed before the Turku screenings.

FRIDAY 27.10. Kino Diana

17.00 Three Nights a Week

19.00 The Dream Songs

21.00 Moments of Love

SATURDAY 28.10. Kino Diana

15.00 When I Sleep

17.00 Fake (short films)

19.00 Polarized

21.00 Golden Delicious

SUNDAY 29.10. Kino Diana

15.00 Life Unrehearsed

17.00 Monument of Pride

19.00 Peafowl